BiPolarBears ? WTF?

That thing on the green is in fact a fruitcake, and not as some have suggested a turd with a ribbon wrapped around it

History of Bears.

(Provided by DeJaMo)

Ancient History (back when Noah was a boy)

Dej was a fan of car racing games since the release of the ZX Spectrum, owned many racing games for PC and then stumbled across TM in the first week of September 2007. He began playing on the now defunct RFR server which consisted of all F1 maps including circuits that were then on the calendar and circuits long since passed, all maps were multilap, some included pit-stops and some had the kinky in-car view that is used on the Bears map TinyTwack.

Spreading the infection

Dej got ssta addicted to the game when he visited ireland in late 2007 (Oct/Nov) and they stumbled upon ProSpeedShorts where they played for a while and met many good people some of whom still race today.

The birth of the first Bears server

Like many TM players, Dej slowly became interested in the mapmaking process and took his first tentative steps in using the editor. He shared the maps with ssta and he suggested they set up and a server and put the maps on there so theycould race online against each other. The server was up and running in late 2007 and slowly it started to attract players. They put many hours into mapmaking and building up the server throughout late ’07 and early ’08.

Bipolar Bears Forever!

With the release of TM Forever they both lost interest in TM for a while due to the fact that they were old school and disliked respawn – when you crash and burn, you crash and burn. To actually make respawn have any sense imposes huge restrictions on mapmakers but once they realised they could turn off this abonimation the new Bears server was born

In June ’08 the Forever server was launched and as they both returned to playing and mapmaking the number of maps on the server began to increase, they were also fortunate to be offered excellent maps by mapmakers such as Icarus, vopperough, Darawe and many others which greatly added to the diversity of maps on the server.

Birth of a clan

Player numbers continued to increase and people began to ask why we did not have a Bears “clan” so for a laugh ssta decided to add {BP} to his nick and so the Bears “clan” was born, (clan is put in quotes because we are a clan and not a clan, this will only make sense if you play on Bears and understand our ethos). For reasons we don’t claim to understand lots of other people wanted to be part of {BP} and now there are over 200 of us.

Better hardware/hosting

Originally the server was run from a PC under ssta’s desk. This was fine for a while, but when they started to grow, it wasn’t good enough. They transistioned to a decdicated server in a server farm in Oslo (run by a friend of ssta’s) which housed the server, the website, the forum, etc. That commenced running in May ’09.


People then began asking why they didn’t have have forums, donkeys, carnival rides, tweed lampshades and various other animate and inanimate things, and so was born the forums, naked, hungry and in need of a good slap on the arse. This joyous event occured on Sat May 30, 2009.

Adding more servers

Expansion and world domination was their goals since day one and they always sought to expand their influence on the interweb. To this end they added a Bears Coast server (imaginatively named CoastieBears) to our line up on Monday Oct 26, 2009 and a Facebook group was started by someone on November 11 2009.

An “unofficial” RPG Bears server was started in early March 2010 and was run by a few members of the Bears clan.

The release of TM2 and “freezone” started the decline of TMNF and the eventual cessation of the Bears servers in 2013. Dej and ssta could not face reworking all the maps to the new TM2 format…

Fastforward to 2020….

{BP}Enjo and {BP}Rooon were reminiscing about bears as Rooon had found old replays on a hard drive. Enjo (unwittingly duplicating Dej’s conversation with ssta in 2007) suggested setting up a server to allow them to play each other on line.

The idea for a homage to {BP} was born

More hard drives were dug out of the garage and attic and scoured for tracks and Rooon decided to investigate how to create the server. (took him a while as his grey matter had shrunk in the intervening years to that approaching a goat)

March 2020 was the unveiling on the facebook page and the {BP} |<<REWIND release.

Rather than, as on the original server, having a small selection of tracks live it was decided to just publish every one found, no matter the perceived “quality” This has led to comments such as “feck me what is this?” but hey – Rooon don’t care ( a lesson he learned from Dej).

Many BP’ers found more maps and mods and threw them at Rooon. some stuck. It was messy.

Rooon spent a silly amount of hours rebuilding the maps, trying to find the original mods and determining what the music was. Unfortunately many maps are password protected so he couldn’t change them, but then he found that the domain had become free so he registered it allowing him to load it up with music and mods that the maps pointed to. Some of the older maps have links for mods/music pointing to one of two other domains that Dej/ssta used and no longer exist. To play these you need 3D spectacles and to whistle/warble your favourite blues/rock ditty.

To date over 500 maps have been resurrected, a mixture of those published on the original BP server and those published on the forum.

  • The exception is one map designed by Rooons grandson / Enjo’s son – Castle Farm. Third generation BP’er πŸ™‚

So there you have it. Warts, fruicakes, goldfish, wheelbarrows and all.

Love the Goats.

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Hi m8s πŸ™‚
{BP} it’s enjoy of wonderful race style full of esthetic map’s design, sound and people emotions where all congrats u with personal best

Hey, I used to play your servers on TMNF and have the BP tag in my name, think I got top 10 on most tracks! Can’t remember the year, maybe around 10 years ago. Loved the track designs as most were techy tracks! Username was/is Carta100. I’ve just started playing the new TM πŸ™‚

I used to play on this server when i was around 11 years old back in 2009/2010. I was so terrible at the game and didn’t understand what people were saying at first (I was new to internet lingo) but I still enjoyed my time on there. I do still play trackmania 2020 today but sadly there is no server which has that same “home” feeling like the bp server had.

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